Vision, Mission and Goal


Woo Jeong Cambodia School is the only one modern and full-time private school that provide Khmer general education in accordance with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and Co-teaching with English, Korean language  with the high quality responding to the needs of student's parent.


To achieve the vision above, the school has set the mission to improve the educational field by 

- Offer the best quality and secure to the general education from kindergarten to high school
- Build the leadership and financial management from the young generation

WooJeong Cambodia School is also offering the important life skills to the students proficiently such as analyzing, thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and being self-confidence in their study through the 4 main programs:
1. General Education (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School)
2. Co-Teaching with English, Korean Language
3. Skills Training Programs
4. Computer Training Courses

All subjects have been taught by teachers and lecturers who graduated and had enough experience in teaching. All the facilities are modern and imported from Korea. It is equipped with air conditioners and close-circuit cameras in all area on school campus for monitoring students security and safe.

- One room is limited less than 25 students.
- Surprising educational equipment
- Co-teaching with English, Korean language teacher

The management is well structured from top level to low level.