Student Affaire

Student Affaire

: 2023-08-13 | : 1

  • CATEGORY: Educator
  • LOCATION: Phnom Penh
  • SCHEDULE: Full-time
  • SALARY: $ 500+

Open for: Local/International  

Reports to: Vice Principal of Education


Scope of job:

  • Staff management: None
  • Budget management: None
  • Problem-solving: Dealing with solving the issues of students including absence, drop-out, drug abuse, and proposed case management and recommendations for resolution toward the serious cases of students
  • Communication:
    • Internal relationship: Teachers, Student Affair Officer, Pedagogy coordinator WJCS Admin officer, Receptionist, librarian, HR officer, vice-principal, School Principal.
  • External relationship: Families/parents of students

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Support student recruitment and admissions 

- Work with head teachers, manager, vice-principal, and school principal to recruit students for school.

- Facilitate the placement test and assist head teachers and teachers to place students into the classes

- Update the list of students and ensure the accurate lists are timely submitted to the vice-principal.


  1. Implement and maintain student’s disciplines 

- Work with teachers and head teachers to ensure the school disciplines and rules are developed and implemented with students

- Check and record student absences on a daily basis in the school system and send the absence reports by the end of each day to the vice principal.     

- Make sure student statistics, attendance, absence report, and another database of the students are accurately generated and maintained

- Take appropriate actions against the students seen committing disciplinary mistakes, and if necessary call to the child’s parent to solve the case

- Check on the student's discipline in a timely manner (i.e. students’ ID cards, uniforms, hygiene, hair, fingernails, toenails, jewelry, electronic devices…etc.) to ensure       that they respect the rules and regulations of the school

- Control students’ discipline during the flag honor and meals

- Initiate the procedures, tools, or educational/motivational actions for preventing students from being absent and drop-out

- Lead in solving any problems or issues of the students and report to the Vice Principal.

- Participate in CD meetings to give comments and feedback on students’ discipline and behavior for the council committee to make decisions

- Work with concerned head teachers to ensure that the follow-up, feedback on the students are timely undertaken, and if necessary, do home visits to the families of the   students to solve the problems


  1. Provide soft skills or human education, counseling, and class councils to students and parents

- Provide a motivational environment or counseling, and mentoring to the students where appropriate to encourage, coping or resilience with their problems in life and motivation for future dreams and hope     

- Work with nurses to follow up on the health problem of students

- Assist in organizing meetings with student’s parents

- Assist and facilitate for conducting class councils with parents


  1. Ensure the functioning of Student Councils and self-learning groups in the School 

- Adapt the student council procedures to form the student councils/group including self-learning groups

- Work with student groups/Councils to assign schedule/plan for school activities including collection of attendance, absence, cleaning the school compound/classrooms,     and managing the canteen

- Support the student council to have and implement the action plan

- Ensure that the student councils and individual student play their functional roles to clean their classes and school, and maintaining the garden of school green and          other activities according to their annual plan

- Work with School Manager to initiate and implement the special projects to contribute to improving parents’ participation in their children’s education and related projects improving the school environment and gardening etc.

- Work with head teachers to support students to ensure their self-learning groups are functional


Job Requirements:

- At least hold Bachelor's Degree in Education or Business administration, Psychology certificate is an advantage

- At least 1-year experience in psychology, counseling, disciplining, and handling case management is a Benefit

- Psychology and counseling skills

- Student management skill

- Good knowledge of MS Office, e-mail, and other databases

- Good interpersonal communication skills

- Good ability in English