WooJeong Cambodia School has been established with the intention of reshaping the youth of Cambodia by providing the best quality educational journey, which combines the best of both Korean and Cambodian education in order to push students to achieve and surpass even the highest international standards of education.

At WJC School,  we equip our students with the necessary skills to prepare them to be independent, lifelong learners, creative individuals, positive contributors and responsible, global thinkers, all while allowing them to retain the values that make them proud and productive members of our Cambodian society.

The activities of developing the qualifications of students at Woo Jeong Cambodia School in are in line with the motto of “ Learning Diligence and Behave good” 

How are students assessed at WooJeong Cambodia School?

At WooJeong Cambodia school, students will get the taking a series of assessments throughout the academic year that are carefully designed to assess their skills, knowledge and understanding learned throughout each levels. Our assessments are based on ‘real-world’ learning experiences, in order to facilitate a deep connection in our students’ understanding of each of their academic subjects and the practical importance of them in the real world. 

Critical thinking is a core part of our curriculum, which is the reason of all our assessments force students to apply important critical thinking skills that they will need throughout life. Each assessment not only evaluates where students are in terms of their academic progress and society, but also acts as a new learning experience which will better prepare them for subsequent learning experiences. The goal of assessment is for teachers and students to understand how well they are doing against our academic standards and develop an awareness of what they need to do moving forward for improvement.

To ensure the quality and effective evaluation, the Examination Committee is set up internally and is responsible for developing evaluation tools, analyzing results and providing solutions.