International Accreditations


- Officially recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport according to the Prakas Nº 1420 dated on August 02nd, 2022
- WJC School limits the number of students less than 25 per class
- WJC School will apply the co-teaching with English, Korean language teacher
- Students who graduated from WooJeong Cambodia school will gain the high quality of education in accordance with national and international standards. 
- Students who are studying at WooJeong Cambodia School have a chance to get scholarship for their continuously study at Korea.
- After students finish their studies from WJCS ,they will become good citizens and leaders with high morality, virtues, and full of ability in general knowledge, English, computer and soft skills.
If you want, Woo Jeong Cambodia school will prepare classroom, library to self-study until 10 O’clock pm.