Woo Jeong Cambodia Schoolis officially recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport according to the Prakas Nº 1420 dated on August 02nd, 2022 as a private school where offer the general education from Kindergarten to High School. The school curriculum is fully implemented in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Woo Jeong Cambodia School is locating along Russia Blv, behind BooYoung Town, Trapaing chhuk Village,Sangkat Toeuk Thla , Khan Sean Sok, Phnom Penh city.

Dr.LEE JOON KEUN, a founder and also the Chairman of Board Director of BooYoung Group in Korea, is the founder who has invested the capital to establish and construct the buildings of WooJeong Cambodia School Campus.

Nowadays, WooJeong Cambodia School has 3 main programs as below:

1. General Education (Grade 1 to Grade 12): This program is designed and conducted in accordance with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports' (MoEYS) curriculum and syllabus. In addition to this, we also provide English, Korean language, Computer classes and 6 main extra curricular courses on the existing program to our students.
2. Co-Teaching with English, Korean Language : This is an special program of WooJeong Cambodia School which will apply Bi-Language learning for social subjects.
3. Skills Training program: This is an plus on our curriculum’s students are trained on skill computer literacy, soft skill and music. These skill​ are integrated into the WJC School curriculum from Elementary class to middle school and high school.